Program Description

Congratulations to our Show Me Multiliteracy Cohort 2 Members! Applications for the Cohort 2 Scholarship are now closed. However, we are still enrolling in the TESOL Graduate Certificate Online program for teachers to earn the DESE ELL Endorsement.The Show Me Multiliteracy project disseminates best practices to school teams and develops educators’ capacity to support emerging multilingual students’ literacy development in both English and in their home languages.TESOL Graduate Online Program for Teachers   - jViewgEditDownload the Interest Form HerejViewgEditUntitledOur program allows in-service teachers to become highly qualified leaders for multilingual students by earning the Missouri K-12 ELL endorsement in a customized standards-based TESOL program at Missouri State University. Length of the ELL Endorsement program The ELL Endorsement series provides a 30-hour graduate-level experience which on average will take two years to complete with TESOL English courses generally lasting 8 weeks each. Outcomes When participants complete the program, they will have a TESOL Graduate Certificate from Missouri State University, and they will have completed all the requirements for the Missouri K-12 ELL Endorsement which is awarded by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MO DESE). Course delivery method The program is delivered online, except for the hybrid TESOL practicum (which is completed in the participant's own classroom with English learners). Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies Option There is an option to complete two additional courses (6 credit hours) to earn a Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies in the areas of English Language Teaching and Literacy Education. This credential requires the completion of 700-level courses, so the advanced levels of the assessment (ENG 796) and practicum (ENG 797) courses would be part of the degree plan for those who choose to earn a master's degree with the TESOL coursework. The graduate college has a 3.0 GPA criteria for admission and requires a research/capstone experience as part of the master’s program. TESOL Graduate Certificate Online Program - Entrance Criteria hold current Missouri teacher certification have English Learners in classroom or in current school context meet requirements for MSU English Department graduate admission hold a bachelor’s degree from accredited institution with a minimum 2.75 GPA complete GRADCAS application process submit official transcripts to MSU graduate college request DESE Deficiency Report send copy of DESE Deficiency Report to the SMM team Show Me Multiliteracy Scholarship Twenty-six scholarships will be offered for the second cohort of Show Me Multiliteracy, which will start August 2024. The Show Me Multiliteracy Scholarship covers tuition, fees, textbooks, and instructional coaching for participants to complete the 30 hours of graduate-level coursework that is required for the Missouri K-12 ELL endorsement. Optional: If a scholarship recipient elects to earn a master's degree with the TESOL coursework, they can take two additional courses to complete the Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies in English Language Teaching and Literacy Education. These two courses would be self-pay by the applicant. However, Show Me Multiliteracy can cover the cost of one additional 700-level course, LTC 760 Multilingual Approaches to Literacy. SMM Scholarship Eligibility Criteria Applicants who meet all eligibility criteria will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee for consideration to receive a scholarship accepted into the TESOL Graduate Certificate Online Program earned a minimum 2.75 (preference given to 3.0 GPA) employed by a partner district listed below:        Branson        Kansas City Public Schools        Monett        Neosho        NKC        SPSNote: Leaving employment at a partner district may result in loss of continued scholarship funding. submit a signed form from school administrator confirming continued access to work with English learners for the duration of the scholarship program submit a professional letter of recommendation addressing the applicant’s qualifications to complete the program as well as observations of the applicant’s willingness to work with multilingual students and engage with their families submit a statement of purpose that the applicant is prepared to meet the rigors of the fast-paced graduate program complete all application steps and, if granted the scholarship, submit in a timely manner all forms and surveys required for the purposes of the SMM federal grant Scholarship Cohorts·       Cohort I (Fall 2022 - Summer 2024)·       Cohort II (Fall 2024 - Summer 2026)Missouri K-12 ELL Endorsement Requirements21 credit hours in TESOL:=jViewgEditUntitled9 credit hours in Special Education and Literacy:=jViewgEditUntitledThe Show Me Multiliteracy grant project is 100% supported by federal funds through the National Professional Development Grant program of the U.S. Department of Education Office of English Language Acquisition ($2,999,665 for FY 2021-26).